Chemistry is important. So are credentials. Above all, you'll want an experienced REALTOR®who has the resources of a leading real estate firm behind him or her - a firm such as Executive Real Estate Professionals.Some helpful hints on finding and working with a REALTOR®:Ask friends, family members, neighbors or co-workers for referrals.Trust your intuition.Share with your REALTOR® as much as possible about your lifestyle, tastes, needs and dreams for your home.Focus your search on a few geographic areas.Plus ask him or her some of the following questions:How well do you know the area(s) that interest me?

A REALTOR® who knows the area or neighborhood you are interested in can be beneficial to you.How many other buyers and sellers do you currently represent?You want a REALTOR® who will give you personalized attention, answer your calls quickly and communicate with you often. Keep in mind, though, many busy, experienced REALTOR® are the most efficient.Will you give me a list of homes you sold in the last 12 months? 

​Contact some clients that have worked with the REALTOR® and ask them about their experience. The list should contain addresses, property types, names of sellers or buyers, sale dates and price. Ask the REALTOR® for testimonials from satisfied customers.

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